Cognition family fire prevention five misunderstandings

In home fires, the majority are caused by human factors.People’s unsafe behavior is one of the most important factors leading to fire .

Myth 1: charging your phone, tablet, etc. For a long time.Nowadays the life of people seem to have been unable to leave all kinds of electronic products, but because the power consumption is high, such as smart phones, tablets, standby time is short, a lot of people for a long time to save trouble charging electronics, or play while charging, this habit will reduce battery self protection function, also easy to cause fire .

Myth 2: the plug – in board for a long time do not pull not clean.Many families have such a habit, the plug board not only connected to a lot of high-power electrical appliances, but also do not pull out the power for a long time, less to clean, in the long run, will accumulate a lot of dust and hair between the plug poles and the socket, it is easy to cause a fire because the load is too large.

Myth 3: don’t leave the stove on to do something else.When a lot of citizens are cooking, they will go to the living room to watch TV or chat because the cooking time is long, or they will make a phone call temporarily. They forget that the gas in the kitchen is still on, which causes the pot to be burnt dry and cause a fire.

Mistake 4: use a lighter as a toy.Many parents in order to coax children, take a lighter as a toy, use the flame of a lighter to attract the attention of children, this practice is very wrong, children have a kind of learning, will “copy” the parents’ behavior, for their own and family safety bring hidden dangers.

Mistake 5: the corridor as their own.In order to save money, many residents have the habit of collecting used cardboard boxes, old newspapers and plastic bottles at home. However, these things are not only unsightly, but also take up space at home, so they use the public corridor as their “warehouse” to pile up these debris.But the debris, which is mostly flammable, not only clogs the safe passage, but can also cause a fire from a cigarette end.

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